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【 Hakuhinkan Toy Park 】 ( Ginza, Chūō ward )
< From the Hotel : 14 minutes on foot >
A renowned toy specialty store in Ginza, boasting a history of 123 years.
From the basement floor to the 4th floor, it offers approximately 200,000 items that fulfill the sense of playfulness.
With a wide range of products including toys, stuffed animals, games, dolls, variety goods, and souvenirs for international visitors, it is a wonderland that can be enjoyed by both children and adults alike.
《 Hakuhinkan Toy Park Website 》

Around the Hotel Hakuhinkan Toy Park
Image provided by : Hakuhinkan Toy Park


【 Tsukiji Outer Market 】 ( Chūō ward )
< From the Hotel : 16 minutes on foot >
Tsukiji Outer Market is Japan’s “Food Town,” where one can encounter all kinds of traditional Japanese foods.
A mixture of wholesale and retail shops, along with numerous restaurants, line the streets, and new culinary trends are born here.
《 Tsukiji Outer Market Website 》

Around the Hotel Edoichi Tsukiji
Image provided by : Edoichi Tsukiji

Around the Hotel Tsukiji Fish Market


【 Kappabashi Dougu Street 】 ( Taito ward )
< From the Hotel : Take the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line from Ginza Station and get off at Tawaramachi Station. 11 minutes walk. >
Kappabashi Dougu Street, nestled between Ueno and Asakusa in Tokyo’s Taito City, has been a hub for kitchenware since 1912.
Spanning 800 meters with over 170 shops, it offers a vast array of restaurant equipment, tableware, packaging, decorations, and more, making it Japan’s largest kitchenware shopping street.
《 Kappabashi Dougu Street Website 》

Around the Hotel Kappabashi

Around the Hotel Kappabashi


【 Toyosu Senkyaku Banrai 】(Koto ward
From the Hotel:From Ginza-itchome Station, take the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line and get off at Toyosu Station. Transfer to Yurikamome and get off at Ichiba-mae Station.
Adjacent to the Toyosu Market, “Toyosu Senkyaku Manrai” comprises the Food and Beverage Pavilion “Toyosu Outdoor Edo Market” and the Hot Spring Pavilion “Tokyo Toyosu Manyo Club.”
In the Food and Beverage Pavilion, traditional Toyosu cuisine incorporating fresh ingredients unique to the area is showcased through various dining and retail establishments within a recreated open-air mall reminiscent of old Edo streets.
Meanwhile, the Hot Spring Pavilion transports hot springs from Hakone and Yugawara daily via dedicated trailers, realizing a “Tokyo metropolitan hot spring resort” in Toyosu.
《 Toyosu Senkyaku Banrai Website》

Around the Hotel senkyakubanrai

Around the Hotel senkyakubanrai


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