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This page introduces spots around the hotel.
Mercure Tokyo Ginza, situated in close proximity to popular sites such as the world famous Kabuki Theater and the Imperial Palace , as well as offering direct access to the subway station, Mercure Tokyo Ginza is the perfect base to explore the city of Tokyo.

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【 Kabuki-za 】 ( Ginza, Chūō ward )
< From the Hotel : 8 minutes on foot >
Kabuki-za ( 歌舞伎座 ) in Ginza is the principal theater in Tokyo for the traditional kabuki drama form.
The style of building is in a baroque Japanese revivalist style, meant to evoke the architectural details of Japanese castles, as well as temples of pre-Edo period.
“KABUKI” is part of Japan’s traditional culture and its origins can be traced backed over 400 years.
By taking in the essence of other performing arts as well as the “latest fashions” of the time, kabuki continued to develop and is now regarded as one of the world’s greatest theatrical arts.
《 Kabuki-za Website 》

Around the Hotel Kabuki-za
Image provided by : Shochiku Co., Ltd. /  Kabukiza Co., Ltd.


【 ART AQUARIUM MUSEUM GINZA 】 ( Ginza, Chūō ward, Ginza Mitsukoshi )
< From the Hotel : 8 minutes on foot >
A museum that represents the culture of ‘goldfish appreciation’ that has continued from the Edo period, as an art form through the use of light, sound, and fragrance.
Throughout the year, visitors can experience a mesmerizing space that showcases the beauty of traditional Japanese art, accompanied by various seasonal presentations.
The gift shop offers a wide range of adorable and enjoyable goldfish-themed merchandise, making it highly recommended for souvenirs.

Around the Hotel Art Aquarium




【 Hakuhinkan Toy Park 】 ( Ginza, Chūō ward )
< From the Hotel : 14 minutes on foot >
A renowned toy specialty store in Ginza, boasting a history of 123 years.
From the basement floor to the 4th floor, it offers approximately 200,000 items that fulfill the sense of playfulness.
With a wide range of products including toys, stuffed animals, games, dolls, variety goods, and souvenirs for international visitors, it is a wonderland that can be enjoyed by both children and adults alike.
《 Hakuhinkan Toy Park Website 》

Around the Hotel Hakuhinkan Toy Park
Image provided by : Hakuhinkan Toy Park


【 Tokyo Station 】 ( Chiyoda ward )
< From the Hotel : 15 minutes on foot ( Yaesu Entrance ) >
Tokyo Station ( 東京駅 ) is a railway station located in Chiyoda’s Marunouchi business district near the Imperial Palace grounds.
Served by the high-speed rail lines of the Shinkansen network, Tokyo Station is the main inter-city rail terminal in Tokyo.
The main station facade on the western side of the station is brick-built, surviving from the time when the station opened in 1914.
The Marunouchi side underwent an extensive five-year renovation, completed in October 2012, in which the historic 98-year-old façade on this side of the station was restored to its pre-war condition.

Tokyo Station


【 Tsukiji Outer Market 】 ( Chūō ward )
< From the Hotel : 16 minutes on foot >
Tsukiji Outer Market is Japan’s “Food Town,” where one can encounter all kinds of traditional Japanese foods.
A mixture of wholesale and retail shops, along with numerous restaurants, line the streets, and new culinary trends are born here.
《 Tsukiji Outer Market Website 》

Around the Hotel Edoichi Tsukiji
Image provided by : Edoichi Tsukiji


【 Kokyo Gaien National Garden 】 ( Chiyoda ward )
< From the Hotel : 18 minutes on foot or 7 minutes by taxi >
Kokyo Gaien National Garden is a park in central Tokyo, covering a little over a square kilometer.
The national garden includes three museums and is popular with people for its fascinating history and natural environment.
The grounds ring the Imperial Palace, residence of the emperor, and include a landscaped plaza in front of the palace, 12 moats, and Kitanomaru Garden.
These grounds were all once part of Edo Castle, originally built in 1457.
Its moats as well as several gates, bridges, watchtowers, and impressive stone walls remain.
Many are designated Special Historic Sites and Important Cultural Properties of Japan.
《 Kokyo Gaien National Garden Website 》

Around the Hotel Kokyo Gaien National Garden
Image provided by :
Ministry of the Environment Government of Japan, KOKYO GAIEN NATIONAL GARDEN


【 Hibiya Park 】 ( Chiyoda ward )
< From the Hotel : 15 minutes on foot >
Hibiya Park (日比谷公園 Hibiya Kōen) covers an area of 161,636.66 square meter (40 acres) between the east gardens of the Imperial Palace to the north, the Shimbashi district to the southeast and the Kasumigaseki government district to the west.
The land was occupied by the estates of the Mōri clan and Nabeshima clan during the Edo period, and it was used for army maneuvers during the Meiji period.
It was converted to a park and opened to the public on June 1, 1903.


【 Hama-rikyū Gardens 】 ( Chiyoda ward )
< From the Hotel : 23 minutes on foot or 7 minutes by taxi >
Hama-rikyū Gardens (浜離宮恩賜庭園, Hama-rikyū Onshi Teien) is located at the mouth of the Sumida River and was opened to the public on April 1, 1946.
A landscaped garden of 250,216 m² includes Shioiri-no-ike (Tidal Pond), and the garden is surrounded by a seawater moat filled by Tokyo Bay.
It was remodeled as a public garden on the site of a villa belonging to the ruling Tokugawa family in the 17th century.
At the centre of Shioiri-no-ike is a teahouse, reached by two bridges, where visitors can enjoy refreshments, such as matcha and Japanese sweets, in the tea-ceremony style.
The garden includes a peony garden, a plum tree grove and fields with flowers for every season.


【 Tokyo Tower 】 ( Shiba-park, Minato ward )
< From the hotel : Take the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line from Ginza Station and get off at Kamiyacho Station. 7 minutes walk. >
The Tokyo Tower ( 東京タワー ) is a communications and observation tower, built in 1958.
At 332.9 meters ( 1,092 ft ), it is the second-tallest structure in Japan.
The structure is an Eiffel Tower-inspired lattice tower that is painted white and international orange to comply with air safety regulations.
Since its completion in 1958, Tokyo Tower has become a prominent landmark in the city, and frequently appears in media set in Tokyo.
《 Tokyo Tower Website 》

ホテル周辺 東京タワー


Tokyo Tower


【 teamLab Planets TOKYO 】 ( Toyosu, Koto-ku )
< From the hotel : Take the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line from Ginza-itchome Station, directly connected to hotel, and get off at Toyosu Station. 10 minutes walk. >
teamLab Planets is a museum where you walk through water, and a garden where you become one with the flowers.
It comprises 4 large-scale artwork spaces and 2 gardens created by art collective teamLab.
People go barefoot and immerse their entire bodies in the vast artworks together with others.
《 teamLab Planets Website 》

ホテル周辺 チームラボ
teamLab, Floating Flower Garden: Flowers and I are of the Same Root, the Garden and I are One
© teamLab


【 Ueno Zoo 】 ( Ueno Park, Taito ward )
< From the hotel : Take the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line from Ginza Station and get off at Ueno Station. >
Established in 1882, Ueno Zoo is the oldest zoo in Japan.
It has grown over the years, expanded its area, and been a forerunner in the Japanese zoo world.
Located amid the downtown Tokyo, Ueno Zoo not only provides recreation, but also plays an essential role in wildlife conservation and public education.
In an effort to breed endangered species, the zoo has completed the “Gorilla Woods” and “Tiger Forests.”


【 Asakusa 】 ( Taito ward )
< From the hotel : Take the Toei Asakusa Line from Higashi Ginza Station and get off at Asakusa Station. >
Asakusa has many restaurants and places to try traditional Japanese foods.
Asakusa has a greater concentration of buildings from the 1950s and 1960s than most other areas in Tokyo do.
There are traditional ryokan (guest-houses) and small-scale apartment buildings throughout the district.
Asakusa hosts a major cluster of domestic kitchenware stores on Kappabashi-dori, which is visited by many Tokyoites for essential supplies.
Next to the Sensō-ji temple grounds is a small amusement park called Hanayashiki, which claims to be the oldest amusement park in Japan.


【 SKy Hop Bus 】
< From the hotel (nearest bus stop – B5 Tsukiji / Ginza) : 10 minutes on foot >
The red double-decker open-top bus “Sky Hop Bus” efficiently tours the city while sitting on the open deck.
You can get on and off freely on any of the three courses, so you can get off at sightseeing spots that interest you, eat and play, and enjoy Tokyo for the whole day.
《 Sky Hop Bus Website 》

Image provided by : Sky Hop Bus Marketing Japan




Water transport, which was active in the Edo period, has been revived in modern times.
It is a new mobility that allows you to freely navigate the vast water area of 50 square kilometer located in Tokyo.
You can enjoy sightseeing on the water privately with a boat dedicated to water taxis, and can also be used for sunrise, outings to Tennozu’s waterside restaurants, etc.
Water taxis can be easily booked using the reservation system as below.
There are about 20 docks, including Skytree, Asakusa, Ryogoku, Nihonbashi, Odaiba, Tamachi, Hinode, Big Sight, Shinagawa, and Tennozu.
The experience of looking at the big city of Tokyo from the sea or river is recommended as an activity.

Image provided by : Tokyo Water Taxi


【 Waterbus Cruise / The Tokyo Mizube Line 】
The Tokyo Mizube Line(東京水辺ライン ) is a waterbus service in Tokyo.
The services include public lines, as well as event cruises and chartered ships.
All cruising lines close on Monday through Wednesday.
* Except for cherry blossom season, Golden Week and summer season.
* Operates on national holidays.
< Representative cruising lines >
・Asakusa – Odaiba Cruise ( 浅草・お台場クルーズ )
Ryōgoku Rivercenter – Asakusa Nitemmom – WATERS Takeshiba – Odaiba Sea-side Park
* Many other courses are operated irregularly.
《 Tokyo Waterfront Line Website 》

Image provided by : Tokyo Waterfront Line


★Click here for other Tokyo sightseeing information.
《 Official tourism site “GO TOKYO” 》

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