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A bit of Ginza History


Ginza was built at the beginning of the Edo period in 1602. The area used to be a swamp and was cleaned and filled to become a strategic spot for merchants.

Ginza (銀座) means “Silver Mint” in Japanese. The name comes from the establishment in 1612 of a manufacture in charge of coining silver coins (Ginka) in the area.

After a devastating fire in 1872, the Meji government decided to rebuild Ginza as a “model of modernization”. The area flourished as a symbol of “civilization and enlightenment” with the presence of newspapers and magazine companies, which helped spread the latest trends of the day. The area was also popular for its window displays, an example of modern marketing techniques.

Today, Ginza is known for its numerous Western luxury shops and is a popular destination on weekends, when the main north-south artery is closed to traffic.


Our hotel is inspired by Ginza and the design has been carefully selected to reflect the silver coins, historical streets and ancient buildings. Please enjoy and discover the hidden history of Ginza in the comfort of your own room.


our design deluxe queen

our design deluxe queen



Mercure Tokyo Ginza ☆☆☆☆address

2-9-4 Ginza, Chuo-ku, 104-0061 Tokyo
Tel: (+81) 03 4335 1111
Fax:(+81) 03 4335 1222


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