Mercure Tokyo Ginza - Sakura spots near Mercure

Sakura spots near Mercure

Sakura spots near Mercure

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Around the Imperial Palace (Chidorigafuchi, Kitanomaru Park)

The area around the Imperial Palace, including Chidorigafuchi and Kitanomaru Park, has lots kind of cherry blossom trees all over the area. You can enjoy the landscape with a historical atmosphere. In particular, Someiyoshino (the most popular kind of cherry blossom) in Chidorigafuchi is beautiful and the season just started. It is the perfect area for a walk from the hotel. Why don’t you put trainers on and explore the spring in Tokyo?

Access to Chidorigafuchi: 【Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line】From Ginza Itchome Station to Kojimachi Station
About 20 minutes’ walk from the station.









Yaesu Sakura Dori

Yaesu Sakura Dori, which stretches from Tokyo Station toward Kayabacho, more than 100 Somei Yoshino bloom along the street. It is as if a cherry blossom tunnel. We recommend visiting this area at night. You can enjoy a little different atmosphere from the daytime. This area is one of the popular shopping areas in Tokyo. There are some long-established department stores. You may find some specialties in Nihonbashi, Tokyo.

Access to Nihonbashi: 【Tokyo Metro Ginza Line】 From Ginza Station to Nihonbashi Station

Yaesu Sakura Dori cherry blossoms




Hibiya Park

Hibiya Park is the first modern Western-style park in Japan. There is not a lot of cherry blossom trees in the park, but it is worth visiting to see the park with fountains and flower beds. The park has some benches, and it is a relaxation spot for business people and citizens. Around the park is one of the hottest spots for theater fans. You may enjoy musical theaters, straight plays, etc.

Access to Hibiya Park: 【 Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line】From Ginza Itchome Station to Yurakucho Station. About 5 minutes walk from the station. Or about 20 minutes on foot from the hotel.

Hibiya Garden cherry blossoms


Hamarikyu Gardens

Hamarikyu Gardens was built in the Edo period and was loved by successive shoguns. The garden is designated as a national place of scenic beauty and a special historic site. Different kinds of cherry blossoms bloom in different periods in the season there and keep esthetic last long. In addition, the garden is surrounded by water (Sumida river and Tokyo Bay), and the view of the waterside may attract you.

Admission fee: Adult 300JPY.

Access to Hamarikyu Gardens: 【Toei Asakusa Line】From Higashi-Ginza Station to Shimbashi Station. About 15 minutes walk from the station.

St Luke’s Garden (Seiroka Garden), Sumidagawa Terraces

You can enjoy a cherry blossom view on the terrace along the Sumida River in front of St. Luke’s Garden. It is also a landing place for water buses, so if you have time, we recommended that you take it to Asakusa and see the rows of cherry blossom trees on both sides of the Sumida River. The area also has a lot of high-rise buildings and condominiums. You may find spectacle contrast between old and new Tokyo buildings.

Access to St. Luke’s Garden: 【Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line】From Higashi-Ginza Station to Tsukiji Station. About 10 minutes walk from the station.

St.Luke's Sakura




St.Luke's Sakura




Ginza Sakura Street

5-minutes walk from Mercure hotel, this is the nearest cherry blossom spot. About 50 gorgeous Yae-Sakura (八重桜) cherry blossom trees are planted on both sides of the street, and it will be in full bloom after the Yoshino cherry tree is scattered, so you can enjoy the last cherry blossom viewing of the season.

Access to Ginza Sakura Dori: 5 minutes walk from Mercure Tokyo Ginza.

Ginza Sakura Dori

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